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How to Break Into The Media Industry 

Join Ms. Ebony J on the first Wednesday of each month for a free, exclusive class designed for aspiring media professionals, offering valuable insights and limited seats for those eager to break into the industry.

DJ Camp

Once a month, We offer a DJ class that is a one-time, four-hour DJ class. Ideal for those with little or no experience. This is an introductory course and is a perfect way to get you started.  

Podcasting 101

 Podcast 101 is a 4 hour course that introduces participants to the essential skills needed to kickstart their podcasting journey.

Social Media 101

This introductory social media class is designed to empower those who feel lost or stuck in navigating the ever-evolving world of social media

Media Coins Academy
ebony J

"I started off very discouraged and didn't know where to start. Ms. Ebony J broke everything down and helped me define my audience. She also helped me create sponsorship packages."

Deje'a Jasmeen


This program is for pod-casters, speakers, influencers, broadcasters, and business owners who want to master their media and profit.

Packed with everything to support this journey, including:

✅ Training on specific marketing, business and media topics

✅ Templates to save you time (and headaches!)

✅ Tools such as a place to ask questions and get support, advice on tech for running your business and a roadmap to achieve YOUR version of success (not mine).​​

Why is the Media Coin Academy class beneficial?? 


1. Marketing and Branding Expertise:

   - The academy teaches business owners how to build and manage their brand effectively, which is essential for attracting and retaining customers.


2. Digital Media Skills:

   - In today's digital world, understanding social media, email marketing, and online advertising is crucial. The academy provides practical knowledge and strategies for using digital media platforms effectively.


3. Business Development and Strategy:

   - Business owners learn how to create a business plan, develop pitch decks, and secure funding or partnerships, which are key to business growth.


4. Networking Opportunities:

   - Media Coin Academy connects business owners with industry experts, mentors, and peers, fostering valuable relationships that can lead to collaboration and support.


5. Content Creation and Storytelling:

   - The academy helps business owners create engaging content that resonates with their target audience, enhancing their brand's visibility and reputation.


6. Crisis Management:

   - Business owners learn how to handle media crises and manage public relations effectively, safeguarding their brand's image.


7. Insights into Industry Trends:

   - By attending the academy, business owners stay updated on the latest trends and best practices in media and marketing.


8. Legal and Ethical Considerations:

   - The academy covers important aspects of intellectual property, trademarks, and compliance with regulations, helping business owners protect their interests.


9. Confidence Building:

   - With hands-on training and expert guidance, business owners gain confidence in their abilities to manage media relations and marketing strategies.


10. Practical Application:

   - The academy offers opportunities for business owners to apply what they've learned through real-world projects, allowing them to see immediate results in their businesses.


Overall, Media Coin Academy equips you  with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the modern media landscape, effectively market their brand, and drive growth and success.


Sounds like a lot and it is but remember, this is a go-at-your-pace membership so you can take in what you need, when you need it.



2024 Enrollment dates:

6pm in person or 8pm virtually. 

Feb 26 - May 27th - Spring 

April 22 - July 15 - Summer

August 5- Nov 4th - Fall 

Nov 11th - Feb 10th- Winter 

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