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Apr 17, 2024 - May 27, 2024

After School Program

  • 41Days

At Ebony J Media, we believe in igniting a passion for music from a young age! Parents, discover our specialized instructional programming tailored exclusively to nurture the budding DJ talents of your children. Are you searching for an after-school activity that will not only engage your kids but also empower them with valuable skills? Elevate their after-school experience by enrolling them in our captivating Ebony J Media after-school program. Program Details: - Our after-school programming is thoughtfully designed for young talents aged 14 and above. - For younger aspiring DJs, we recommend personalized private lessons to ensure tailored guidance and support. - Sessions convene twice a week over a span of 6 weeks, allowing students to immerse themselves in the world of DJing. What Your Kids Will Learn: Throughout this enriching program, students will acquire a diverse skill set, including: - Music Theory: Lay the foundation with an understanding of music theory. - Basic and Intermediate Scratching Techniques:Master the art of scratching, from the fundamentals to more advanced techniques. - Beat-Matching: Learn the crucial skill of beat-matching to create seamless transitions. - Song Structure: Understand the structure of songs and how to manipulate them creatively. - Trick Mixing:Explore the art of trick mixing to captivate your audience. -Digital DJing Technology:Harness the power of digital DJing technology for modern music manipulation.



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