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$5 Bill Challenge

$5 Bill Challenge

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Jan 11, 12:00 PM – Dec 01, 5:00 AM
Online Event

About the event

What is the $5 Bill Money Challenge?

The challenge deals with the change you receive when shopping. Anytime you use cash and receive a $5 Bill back, you put that $5 bill in the savings box. A savings box can include a milk gallon, a saving jar, a piggy bank, a shoebox, or a plastic envelope ceil. Long as it's a safe place where you won't be able to easily access the money. 

How to track the $5 challenge?

Every two weeks, count them. Record the amount of money you were able to save during that period on a spreadsheet. Check in to the group monthly to share savings updates. 

What you'll receive? 

- Facebook support group

- Access to monthly training and coaching 

- A chance to win a prize at the end. (Prize revealed in May)

Now you may be wondering, why $5? When we set unrealistic savings goals, sometimes we don't stick to them. Unlike other money challenges, this challenge doesn't have a set format for week-to-week savings. Some challenges, have you saving $20-40 a week or $100 a day, which is great for some people but not always achievable for others.

If you not comfortable having cash around your house and don't carry cash often. You can transfer $5 into savings every time you spend a set amount of cash. For example, for every $50 you spend you put $5 into savings.  

Let's save! Are you ready to join the $5 challenge?