I Am Queen Program

 History:  I AM QUEEN Program was created in 2014 when the Youth Coordinator of the Boys and Girls club asked Ms. Ebony J to come talk to her girls who would be graduating soon. She had concerns about the girls being successful in high school because they had behavioral challenges. Ms. Ebony J devoted a hour for 6 weeks to the girls addressing self-esteem, respect, and healthy communication. The girls found the program to be helpful and loved the "real talk approach."

Since then, the I AM QUEEN program has been at churches and schools in the Midwest including,  Rothenberg Elementary, Bethel Baptist and Hughes Center High school.  


Purpose: I AM QUEEN program was designed for youth and young adults who are disenfranchised and have jeopardized self-esteem- who are fighting the pressures of their peers. This empowerment organization teaches young girls how to recognize and control their anger, the importance of honest communication and how to be the best they can without compromising their belief system. 


Mission: To inspire youth to reach their dreams no matter their circumstances. They have the P.O.W.E.R. (Privilege to Overcome Whatever has Enabled their Reality) to conquer adversity, social and economic downfalls and break generational curses. 


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