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My name is Ms. Ebony J, I am an entrepreneur, media personality and  influencer. I have worked with brands such as The Good Will, My Body Snatcher and  have done promotions for small businesses.

My Blog is featured on RNBCINCY (40k weekly viewers) and more recently I will be doing an Small Business Spotlight segment for my facebook live.

 All influencer work comes with content writing and branded photography. All you have to do is supply the product and influencer payment. I have several options you can choose from:

-8k Facebook engaged followers
-Professional Pretty Blog:
—40k weekly readers - Cincinnati Herald
—Small Business Spotlight Segment 

Let's Work 
Ms. Ebony J

Helping Kings and Queens reclaim their throne through Coaching, Webinars, Events, and Motivational Speaking. 

Email: mej@ebonyjshow.com

Social Media: @MsEbonyJ

On The Radio: 7-9pm on Friday, 11am-3pm on Sunday 100.3 RNBcincy