"Bold, Respectful, Intelligent, Gifted, Hardworking, and a Treasure to the community."

                                                                                                      - Courtney Myrick , Cincinnati Herald 

This well-known Cincinnati newspaper described a few qualities that are synonymous with this young woman, Jeffonia “Ms. Ebony J” Wynn. Ms. Ebony J is a phenomenal example for dreamers that all things are possible with God, dedication, and consistency. Media personality, entrepreneur, host, philanthropist, influencer, life coach, motivational speaker, and educator, she is truly “The Host that does the Most."


Ms. Ebony J plays an active role in the family, as she assists with her sister who has developmental disabilities, and in her community with her sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., and as a member Of The Greater Cincinnati Association Of Journalism. She also is an On Air Talent for RNB 100.3 and an instructor at the Ohio Media school where she oversees the student ran radio station as Assistant Program Director. In 2016, Ms. Ebony J started her own business, "Ebony J Media". It’s the platform for her TV Show, "The Ebony J Show" and her Podcast "Real Talk with Ms. Ebony J". Her company Ebony J Media is an one stop shop for media production. Ms. Ebony J’s mission is to empower other women to live on Purpose she does this in monthly initiatives and during her weekly I Am Queen program in High schools. 


Ms. Ebony J business has been recognized by the Cincinnati Herald, In 2016, she received The Bright Award in Entrepreneurship. In 2018, she received numerous awards including, 2018 Powerful Woman of Purpose, Power I Am 2018 and 100 Werking Women 2018. 


She hosted open mics, facilitated leadership camps, sat on panels and was the youngest member of the American Red Cross board of directors. Standing at 4’11, you would think it would be easy to overlook her small stature, but once she opens her mouth she demands attention and respect. Since college, Ms. Ebony J has hosted large events, like concerts and women’s empowerment seminars. She also toured Cincinnati Public Schools to educate, entertain, and empower young girls to reach for their dreams, no matter the circumstances.


You can listen to her show every Friday 7-9pm and Sunday 3-7pm on Rnb 100.3. She host a Community Conversation Podcast weekly that airs every Sunday on 3 Radio One Station. Ms. Ebony J, the Host that does the most is the Queen of the Queen City. 

"A Woman with a Big Voice."

- Linda Shine, B.O,S,S Magazine 

"The Host That Does The Most" Ms. Ebony J is the voice of Cincinnati, Ohio's 101.1 The Wiz and serves as a well needed and respected leader in the community. "Ms. Ebony J is leading a phenomenal example for Dreamers that all things are possible with God, dedication and consistency". Find out what fuels this Queen along her journey in Exclusive Interview with Loud Wave Ent.

She's a strong, independent, outspoken, and very powerful black woman; she's every man’s biggest fear. Not only is she one of the most credible radio personalities in Ohio, working for one of the dopest stations, she also gives back to the community, runs her own website, and hosts every event you wish you could attend." Find out her vision for Ohio  in her interview with Pound Of Sounds. 


Ms. Ebony J started her prestigious radio career in a small room at NKU, equipped with nothing more than a microphone, a computer, and a makeshift soundboard.Read more about her journey and tips to success in B.O.S.S Magazine exclusive feature story on page 52, click HERE.


To Empower, Engage and Educate Kings and Queens to live out their purpose while being entertaining.  


To Help Kings and Queens live out their purpose and reclaim their throne through coaching, workshops, events and motivational speaking. 


In The Press

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