3 Bedroom Essentials For Queens

Proper toy care is an important part of sexual health—you should clean sex toys after every use, and then store them in such a way that they remain clean. Good storage will help to protect your toys from damage, and is a smart way to keep track of chargers and other accessories.

I've rounded up some essential for your bedroom and even arranged for a few special discounts for you!

Here's 3 Essentials every Queen need in her bedroom:

A sexy designer toy bag will keep your bedroom accessories bacteria free! When you place your toys under the pillow, on your night stand and in your dresser your toy can become dirty from bacteria. The Sugar Sak provides you with the protection of Bioshield 75.

This invisible coating utilizes exclusive EPA approved patented technology to provide a barrier that inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold, mildew and viruses in the bag. Bag up some fun... the safe and clean way!

Comes in variations of colors- black, red and pink

Priced at- $14.66

Toys can be lots of fun, but they're not when they're dirty. Keep your favorite toys confidently clean with Fresh & Clean. The foaming action of the toy cleaner does the dirty work for you. Fresh & Clean has ingredients that clean and disinfect, this fragrance free antibacterial formula is fast-acting and kills 99% of germs.

A must have addition for toy care that's easy and effortless. This product is gentle enough to use both before and after toy use. It's gently fragranced with cucumber melon. If you have allegories no worries Fresh & Clean is Triclosan Free. This product does not contain parabens or mineral oil.

Price at- $9.60

Love to Love Secret Box is the perfect place to keep your pleasure toys. Pleasure toys are entitled to special attention, which is why Love to Love has come up with a storage or travel box that will protect them safely. Pleasure toys, lubricants and other toys will feel at home protected from indiscreet looks. Outside in velvet. Inside in satin.

Price at- $29.99

P.S Yours Truly is a sexually expressive positive toy store that welcomes all approaches to sexual desires, pleasures, and sexuality.

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