Ready to Join: 30 Day Affirmation Challenge?

Are you tired of being in your own way? Are you tired of blocking your blessings? Are you ready for the life God has for you? Are you ready to love yourself unconditionally?

Everything you're looking for is based on your relationship with God. It's time to be the woman God needs you to be, not wants you to be. Life is all about choices. We received the gift of choices when Eve decided she wanted to be Queen. It's time to choose you!

It is ok to be yourself. It's ok to love you. The relationship with yourself sets the tones for every other relationship you have. You are in control of your thoughts. You are in control of your actions. You hold the power to your dreams and to your happiness. You owe it to yourself to be everything you’ve ever dreamed you’d be.

Are you ready to win? Are you ready to live & love the way God wants you to?

Take this journey with me on 30 days of love. 30 days of transformation! 30 Days of I Am.

Click here to join to 30 Days of Affirmation Challenge. Feel free to invite a friends to join us.

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