5 Tips to Help You Focus On Your Goals

Sometimes you have to encourage yourself. Achieving your goals can be difficult especially without discipline.

Here's 5 tips that help keep you focus on your goals:

  1. Just get started - stop sitting on your ideas. I've had an idea for an event for 3 months now. I've been holding myself by sitting on this idea with no real reason besides fear. I had the event name, program and handouts created. However, i didn't open the event up to the community until today. After looking through my notebook last night I realize I just needed to get started. Woke up this morning and created the event on facebook and my website and realized that was the only thing keeping me from having event. I never got the event started, I never invited anyone. Today I encourage you to get started.

  2. Chart your progression - you never know where your going if you have no idea where you been. Last month I joined an Instagram challenge to help me grow my followers. While I didn't reach my ideal goal of followers in a month, I still managed to increase my reach and attract new followers to my profile. Had I not known what my reach before the challenge I would not have seen the true value of my progression.

  3. Join an online group or get accountability partner - connecting with organizations can give you the support you've been looking for. We need support with our business, with our lives and with our social media. There are accountability groups for almost everything, don't be afraid to network. I joined a three online groups and was about to find someone to help me with trademarks, found a new vendor and gained over 100 new Instagram followers.

  4. Get a coach - you need someone to help take your brand higher. I have multiple coaches for different aspects of my brand. I have a financial coach, business coach and a media coach. They all hold me accountable for my goals.

  5. Reward Yourself - You must celebrate your wins. It doesn't have to be a big celebration but make sure you show yourself some love for sticking to your goals. I took myself to happy hour last weekend and end up making a connection that landed me a new gig.

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