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Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Community event designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle and connect you to resources.

The Greater New Hope –Missionary Baptist Church held a colorful and enlightening fellowship fair on July 30th at 10 am.

The whole event proved to be exciting for the kids and elders alike. The event had some divine soul-searching speeches addressing some severe new age issues faced by the communities and, at the same time, kept the tiny tots engaged in some fun activities.

“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control." -Timothy 1:7

The fair was very encouraging on so many levels. The mental health issue was given its due leverage because it is considered taboo in the current times.

The stress of keeping up with the fast-paced world with its booming technology and trends to keep up and be accepted has made people suffer mentally with feelings of anxiety and fear of losing out.

The Guest Speaker for the event, Dr. Shantel Thomas, pointed out and shed some light on how we can fight the stressors in life, keep calm, and maintain peace within our souls. She penned,” Life is Grand after that Man.” In this book, Dr. Shantel Thomas shares the unique combination of caring, compassion, and tough love to help you focus on what matters most so you can heal and move forward. Great inspiration indeed.

The Prevention Ministry crafted this fair to spread awareness about STDS, Cancer, and Mental Health. It supported and gave hope to so many people struggling in their everyday lives but don’t have access to excellent and genuine help. This event took care of that and connected all the kings and queens to the resources.

It was a prevention fair, but it was so much fun for the whole family that the main message reached across so well, without the parents worrying about the kids getting bored.

For the kids, the activities lined were such an attraction. There was a petting zoo with birds, sheep, and rabbits. They could also enjoy pony rides.

The kids didn’t even notice time running away, being busy with face painting and other engaging games. At the same time, I played old-school songs, and all the little ones lined up to dance and swirl. Everyone had a great time with music, free food, and beverages.

Church members were encouraged to share their experiences dealing with and overcoming real-life issues, and the set-up of the complimentary health screening and information booths was a treat.

The mayor Aftab Prevail attended the event, showing how important it is to invest your time in such church events to build a strong community.

This Church event was the 2nd event after it started in 2021. It happens annually, so there will be one next year as well.

Dr. Donald Jones Sr is our pastor. And I want to invite everyone, all my Kings and Queens out there, to come and join the Sunday Service at 11 am--live in person and online to benefit from the insights provided to live a better life.

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