A diet during the Holidays, Bad Idea huh?

“The real flex is staying consistent even when you don’t see the results.”

Have you ever tried to do something challenging? Like no matter how much effort you put into focusing on your goal you found yourself enticed to do the complete opposite?

The Holidays are over and the only reason I’m happy is because I don’t have to be tempted to break my goals. Last week, I swear I was making progress all week, but soon as I smelled greens cooking and saw the sweet potato pie it was hard not to resist. I made a small plate of greens, had a roll, added a Turkey leg, and had a slice of sweet potato pie. I ate grits, had 1 slice of bacon and eggs.

I didn’t think that would make a difference. I didn’t think It would make me gain so much weight. When I came to the gym and weighed in I learned I gained 2.9 pounds! Can you believe it?

Following my first meal plan was hard because I’m not use to eating a lot. Two meals a day is my norm, learning to eat 5 meals a day was hard to balance. Many days I had to wake up early to eat, set alarms so I wouldn’t forget to eat or rush home so I could have a healthy choice.

I gotta admit, once I got my results I was discouraged at first. But once Monique told me I lost an inch on my waste, my hips and my neck. I was proud.

I don’t have a weigh goal my only goal is to have a flat stomach. Nothing else matters to me. However knowing I gained weight made me understand how serious it is that I follow my meal plan, I drink my water and I don’t be persuaded to eat anything more than I should. I’m not giving up. No excuses.

I’m super excited about my Wednesday session with Team No Excuses.