I wanted to quit today!

It was hard, it was painful, it wasn’t easy.

To be honest i wanted to walk right out the gym & say “fuck that deposit. I quit.”

It was the moment the tear full of doubt landed on my cheek I realized if I quitted, I would be quoting on myself AGAIN.

In that moment I started to slow down and then I heard Ms. Monique say “You got this” “You’re Almost there.”

I said I wouldn’t do it, not this year. I can’t quit!

If it wasn’t for #TeamNoExcuses I woulda gave up. I'm so glad I didn't quit.

This Monday I upgraded my waist trainer. When I started 3 weeks ago I was in an XL, now I'm rocking my Large with my head held high.

Results come with consistency. What fitness goals do you have this year?

Need help, Click HERE to learn more about Team No Excuses.

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