Kick off Spring with a personal trainer!

If you have a weight loss goal, want to get in shape or need accountability, you may want to consider a personal trainer.

I have been training for 13 weeks now with team no excuses and I must say my personal trainer Monique has been a great resource.

Here’s 5 ways a trainer can help.

They provide Support - When I feel discourage, have a concern or struggling with cooking a meal or grocery shopping I can always count on Coach mo to support me via phone.

Give you Accountability - Once you set your fitness goals, you have weekly check up to measure your results. Every week you’re able to measure your hard work and this motivates you to continue the process.

Share Expertise- I have learned so much as a result of training with Monique. You don’t just get a trainer, you get an nurturiious as well. Aside from learning how to cook, My posture has gotten better, my arthritis doesn’t act up as much and I even hold the weighs better than I did before.

Make working out fun - Though some workouts may be challenging, she always push me & encourage me. Coach Mo makes working out fun.

Make training effective - Personal trainers push you, and as a result you see results faster. Keep in mind I’m speaking from experience working out at home and alone is different from having someone by your side.

I started training with and XL waste trainer and now I train with a Medium.

If you've been exercising consistently for several weeks or months and aren't reaching your goals it may be time to consider a personal trainer.

Learn more about Team No Excuses HERE.

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