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DJ Certification Program

  • 18Weeks

Our DJ Certification Program is tailor-made for aspiring DJs who are dedicated to pursuing a career in the world of music. This comprehensive program offers hands-on training in a diverse range of mixing, scratching, and music production techniques. Curriculum Overview: This program is structured into four progressive levels, each designed to build your expertise. Program Details: - The DJ Certification Program spans an average of 4 months. - Class sizes are intentionally small to foster collaboration and individualized attention. - Students maintain a consistent day and time for their classes to minimize scheduling conflicts. - Enrollment begins with Level 1, ensuring a strong foundation for all students. - Upon program completion, you'll receive a prestigious certification and a commemorative plaque during our graduation ceremony. Are you ready to embark on your journey to become a skilled DJ producer? Join us today and take your first step toward an exciting career in the world of music.

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