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Hearts & Beats!

The EbonyJ Media Learning Center got the opportunity to host Hearts in the Park here at our

school April 6th. Ms. Janette alongside the lovely children of her foundation joined us for

a day of education and fun as the kids got to spend time learning to Dj, vocal recording,

and podcasting.

The kids were able to individually spend time learning about each media outlet tool by creating their own mix that they were able to keep and cherish forever, record their very own podcast episode on a topic of their liking, and vocal record a commercial or musical track of their wishes. The children of Hearts in the park had a great time as did our staff.

As April is Autism awareness month we at the EbonyJ media center want to shine light on Ms. Janette and the work she is doing with pure heart for Hearts in the Park and we can’t wait to have those beautiful talented minds back at the school for more learning opportunities with the future of media.

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