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ebony J

Media Society is an elite group of small business owners who are focused on growing their revenue, followers and business. This group is about connecting business owners to resources, strategies and people who will help grow their business.


Monthly comprehensive training is done live, you receive monthly coaching, templates and tools to assist you with implementing what you’ve learned into your business.

  • Entry Level Membership

    Every month
    We'll provide you with the foundation for marketing your business.
    • Checklists and Templates
    • Monthly 60 min Media Trainings
    • Monthly Goal Assessment Sheet
  • Middle Level Membership

    Every month
    Designed for the full time entrepreneur or creator who needs assistance with marketing online.
    • All of the basic benefits PLUS
    • Bi Weekly Marketing Meeting
    • Monthly Media Challenges
    • Accountability and daily support from Facebook community
    • Complimentary Quarterly 30 min 1:1 strategy session
    • Access to office hours (discount)
  • Top Level Membership

    Every month
    For entrepreneurs who are ready to go all in to learn the ins and outs with Ms Ebony J.
    • All of the standard benefits PLUS
    • Weekly 60 Min sessions
    • Monthly 30 min marketing sessions with Ms. Ebony J
    • Access to Media List
    • Personal Business assessments
    • All-inclusive access to media vault with courses, etc
    • Monthly Q&A sessions
    • Networking Opportunities
    • Enrollment welcome box
    • Access to events and workshops before anyone else
    • Access to media conference
    • LIVE Q & A'S
    • Surprise consults
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