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Apr 17, 2024 - May 30, 2024

The Media Coin Academy

  • 44Days

Media Coin Academy is for the people who are ready to leverage social media to increase MORE SALES within their business. If you're making decent money but want to get to the next level, this is for you. MCA is a 12-week group coaching program which has everything you need to become intentional about making a profit through the media. During the 12 weeks you'll learn how to: -Identify your target audience through demographics and psychographic -Create a budget and financial plan. -Create content and read and analyze data. -Choose marketing strategies that attract leads who spend money. -Leverage the power of email marketing. -Properly price your products and package your services. -Incorporate collaboration marketing into your growth strategy. -Negotiate brand deals with contracts, proposals and pitch decks. -Communicate effectively to the media about your brand. ​​ ➡️ Business Planning: goal setting & tracking throughout the year with scheduled check-ins. ​➡️ Your Questions Answered: monthly Q&A calls to get your questions answered. ​➡️ Trainings: The class chose topics, and the specialty training is delivered to you based on your needs. ​​➡️ Guest Experts: it's not just Ms. Ebony J answering questions in the Academy, it's also experts in specific areas so you're always up to date. ​​➡️ Support: whether it's celebrating a win or asking for help, Coin Academy provides support for you on a daily basis in our private community (We have a Facebook group) ​​➡️ Templates: I'll show you how to create content that converts to sales. We'll help you turn your idea into a business that solves a problem and makes money. No more just having an LLC, time to operate like a business and attract the customers you’ve always dreamed of.


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The Media Coin Academy

The Media Coin Academy

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