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Hello Kings & Queens

Known as The Host That Does The Most I have hosted open mics, facilitated leadership camps, sat on panels and was the youngest member of the American Red Cross board of directors. Standing at 4’11, you would think it would be easy to overlook her small stature, but once she opens her mouth she demands attention and respect. Since college, Ms. Ebony J has hosted large events, like concerts and women’s empowerment seminars. She also toured Cincinnati Public Schools to educate, entertain, and empower young girls to reach for their dreams, no matter the circumstances.

You Have The Power to Live On Purpose 

Ms. Ebony J believes that it is vitally important to pour into the youth of the next generation.  While she is still quite young herself, she realizes the importance of leaving a legacy that will ripple throughout time. 


She wants to touch the lives of kids & teenagers and let them know that no matter where they come from, or what may lie in their way, they can overcome and accomplish their dreams, aspirations and goals.  She regularly speaks at  different schools and after school programs to variety of ages and youth groups.

Bring Ms Ebony J To Speak 

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