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Behind every great Daughter is an amazing Dad!

The Daddy and Daughter Dance, sponsored by Cincinnati Herald was incredibly, beautifully, and fantastically amazing.

No matter how many words are used to describe this memorable event, if you were not there as father and daughter, in any shape or form, you have truly missed out. The girls weren't just excited to be at the dance but they were excited to share the moment with their dads it was truly incredible.

There are many places to capture the beauty of father and daughter with free photography, as well as a red carpet that glorified you as you walked in. I Queen, Ebony J was also there giving interviews of those who came to talk about their experience and what it is like to be father and daughter surrounded by a room of 1500 people.

I enjoyed this opportunity as I was able to meet beautiful daughters enjoying one whole night with their amazing fathers. The food was kid friendly as the Dancefloor was incredibly packed and full with all the fathers and daughters, who came out . The event was nice and elegant all the girls received tiara's & teddy bears. I am thankful to have experienced this moment and met lovely people. Hopefully next year I’ll see you there.

Learn more about the Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance by visiting Cincinnati Herald Facebook or website.

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