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Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

In the league of celebrating Musical history, The Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame induction and dedication ceremony held on 23rd July— a hyped and one-of-a-kind music festival in the heart of Cincinnati, to announce the initiation of an impressive and latest tourist attraction that has Music, dance, and attractive lights combined with new-age technology.

The 2022 music festival featured artists, musicians, and celebrities, all celebrating the Black Music culture. Our city's most talented musicians performed on our walk of fame and sidewalk. This event was about celebrating our music, artists, and promoters and educating ourselves about all things related to cultural activities. It came out bigger and better.

The Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame created a great impact on the musical history and culture, the economy and the tourism industry.

P. Ann Everson-Price band opened the show on the main stage getting the crowd excited and jamming to the favorite tunes making everybody get up and dance.

The press and media reports by Essence, Local 12, and other networks filled the red-carpet room with the flashes and glam, the well-deserved coverage to be honest.

A total of Two hundred stars will be unveiled in the coming years, starting with eight stars this year. What better way to get recognition and create impact? Last year’s inductees include Bootsy Collins, Dr Charles Fold, The Isley Brothers and Otis Williams. 2022 inductees included Penny Ford, R&B Group Midnight Star, Hi-Tek and Wilbert Longmire.

The inductees got to see their stars on the ground and felt incredibly honoured. Their contribution to music was truly valued on every level.

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We made History.

Cincinnati Native & LA Reid stressed the importance of keeping the Black music tradition alive to preserve our identity and culture.

The closing ceremony was marked by the Zapp band—a funk group that mesmerized everyone with their live performance and inductee dedication.

Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame is a two-year highly profile and developed interactive park project that will honour and induct people annually. The park will also recognize & acknowledge other musicians in the city by installing statues, displays, and interactive boards. The grand opening will take place next year.

Hamilton County Commissioner and Founder of Cincinnati Black Music Hall of Fame, Alicia Reese, an ingenious and insightful leader, through this event, created a superb platform for the upliftment of all Black artists and made a gateway for a bright future for our culture. She brilliantly brought an idea alive and painted it on a real canvas for the whole world to see.

The Cincinnati Black Music walk of Fame is a family-oriented attraction where the highlights are the dance area, interactive kiosks, and 3D virtual experiences. Absolutely free.

This outdoor attraction celebrates and preserves the artists, groups, and songwriters from Southwest Ohio who have been responsible for making a significant impact on global music.

The eye -catchy entrance to the park takes you to all the latest technology-driven ambience connecting you to share and like Black Music on all social media platforms and securing the future of technology. it will represent the Black music culture so precisely and attractively.

I was truly honoured to have worked as her assistant, a moment of pride. This is the motivation I want to give all aspiring people never to stop chasing their dreams. It was unbelievable for me to work on such an inspiring and creative development.

A learning experience I will carry with me will prove a milestone for my future. So, if I can, can anybody, but the only catch is to be consistent and persistent about your goals. Sheer hard work and a focused mind can put you on the success roadmap.

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