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LBK Clothing's Celebrates 9 Years in Business!

The LKB Clothing definitely showed up and showed out on their Anniversary Celebration.

Tracey Tidwell the owner has been in the game for a strong 9 years bringing true fashion for those to take over the world.

The event was well put together with the help of Patrice Logan “the number 1 power girl in the building".

LKB clothing had different kinds of treats and catered food such as frosted covered strawberries, platter plates, and mimosas! The event was full of life as family, friends, and customers came on by to celebrate and of course shop!

The employees even showed gratitude and enjoyment as they catered to those who came and enjoyed the experience with them. I don't know how you spent your Saturday afternoon but it was nothing but good vibes & love at LKB clothing. If you were unable to come and celebrate with no worries , just make sure you support, shop, and share the name LKB CLOTHING.

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