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Ebony J Media & New York Life Insurance Announce $5 Challenge Partnership

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

New York Life Insurance is the third largest insurance companies in the nation. Yes they assist you with finding the right insurance plan but they also provide financial guidance.

The $5 Challenge is a year long challenge. Participants are put in a Facebook Accountability group where they receive: resources, weekly check ins and monthly sessions about awareness of budget, how to save, real estate, roth accounts, investing, wills and trusts, etc.

After meeting David Mueller, at Hustle 4 Change Seminar months ago, we realized we had one common interest and that was a passion for educating others.

David is a son of a single mother who still managed to run her own businesses most of his childhood and has seen a lot of success. But most of that success has always come with a lot of stress due to the lack of a plan. David spent a lot of his childhood seeing what happens when you don't plan ahead.

Whether it was seeing his childhood home get h=lost because his grandparents never properly set up an estate for when they passed away, the complexities of taxes or being saddled with over 50K in debt because of predatory college loans while earning a bachelors degree from UC.

“ Success has always come with a cost to my family.”

His goal is to show other families why it doesn't have to cut them as much as it did his family.

And that's exactly what they do at New York Life Insurance.

To learn more about New York Life insurance Click HERE. Good luck!

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