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REDefined the 90's

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Hey Queens and Kings, Saturday night I was able to Dj at the REDefined Dance Studios Banquet. It was an amazing experience working with Markesha Williams as she honored 11 years in the dance business.

Markesha Williams is the proud owner of Redefined Studios and Founder/Director  of  Fiercely Redefined Dance Team. She also created Redefine Your Future HBCU Tour where she takes high school students on a 6 day tour, visiting 12 plus historical black Colleges.

FRDT was founded in 2015 after realizing how much she missed dance. Growing up, dance was huge part of her life.    After founding FRDT, she  realized that they would need a home so Redefined Studios was created.   It has become a place where mothers can bring their daughters for dance practice and also step into the next room to take a dance fitness class. It has become a place where a father can drop his son off for tumbling and then step into the next room for a personal training session. 

The young Queens and Kings honored one another as well as Miss Williams as they celebrated their achievements. The 90s definitely represented from the decor to the groovy sounds I played. The children had the opportunity to express their journey and passion all through the day till night. The head coach Miss Williams handed awards to all the amazing upcoming dancers in the room. These children are coming in strong as some just started and those prepare to embark a new journey. The night ended with love, laughter, and karaoke. The team as well as coaches and parents all enjoyed while rapping to the words on the screen or singing all together . This dance team represented family, future, and fortune! 


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