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Ms.Ebony J

Radio Spotlight

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Grammy Nominated  Calvin RichardsonTalks Music  

Grammy nominee, Calvin Richardson, came to the Ebony J Show to  talk about his new album  "I AM Calvin Richardson". He also shared some  advice directed towards artists that have hopes to break into the industry. Check out the interview below and receive insight on the "music business". Calvin also expresses his thoughts  on his music being featured on top television shows like "Love and Hip Hop" and "Empire". Hear how he stays motivated to create soulful music, and more.

Grammy nominated singer songwriter Alvin Garrett has officially released his new single "By Myself”. 

From Friendship to Music, his collaboration with Ruben Studdard is amazing. Check out the song for yourself below and find out how the song became about, and why it's important to stand up for yourself.  Alvin also expresses artists he wish to work with in the near future. 

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Siggy Relationship Guru Has Real Talk with Ms. Ebony J 

When you love what you do, you don’t call it work, it’s called passion. Siggy Flicker is an author, match maker, and television personality who refused to give up on love after her divorce with 2 children. Check out the exclusive interview I had with the queen and hear her relationship predations for Beyonce' and Jay Z Carter, as well as Kim and Kanye West . Get dating advice:

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Ms. Ebony J brought the Love and Hip Hop ATL Boss chick Rasheeda in the palace to talk about what we can expect for the new season, her marriage with Kirk and how she finds time to balance her family life and business. 

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​Ms. Ebony J received the distinct pleasure of interviewing Actress, Comedian and all around savvy, strong, confident business women, Mo'Nique.  


Ms. Ebony J and Mo'Nique spoke about family, the entertainment business, and the ups and downs that come along with it!

Grammy Award winner Chrisette Michelle came to the palace to talk with Ms. Ebony J about her new music.

Not only is the singer and songwriter cooking up new music but she also has artist that are working under her. 


Find out who they are and her plans for managing them and her music.

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Drew Sidora

It doesnt matter what role she plays, the Queen Drew Sidora plays the "Game well.


Check out the exclsuive interview below and find out her future goals in film and learn what inspires her to contiune to stay motivated. 


From Sammie to Lee Bush, song writer and singer, is destine to bring R and B back to the music world. 


He's taken time off but for a good reason, find out why is the exclusive interview with Ms. Ebony J 

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Demetria McKinney

From Telvison to Movies the "House of Payne" Queen Demetria McKinney refuses to be predictable. 


Check out her exclusive interview and learn who she shared her first on screen Kiss with and learn her future goals as a music artist. 

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