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Meet Ebony J 

Syndicated Podcast Host & Marketing Expert 

Ms. Ebony J is an expert at solving problems and generating results through online and media marketing for businesses & non-profits.​ 

With over 10 years of media experience working as an media director and social media strategist in charge of increasing sales, leads, retention, website traffic, among other things that are important when it comes down to making your business successful!


Ebony J. brings knowledge and passion regarding how she can help you achieve your business goals.

 She proves that if you have a dream and are willing to work hard, anything can happen in your life!

 he has worked as an award-winning entrepreneur with her syndicated podcast. She is truly “The Host that does the Most."

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What I Specialize In

Content Creation & Social Media 


Event Hosting & DJ & Speaking  


Marketing & Digital


Public Relations & Interviews

Media Placement & Media Training 

We’re Good with Numbers


Years Of Experience




Clients Every Year


Intl. Partners

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In our coaching programs, we take time to learn about

your needs and goals to give you the best suggestions



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Our goal with promotions is to take your business in front of thousands of people so that they can know about your products and services.


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Are you looking for more followers on your social media?Do not fret. We can help! Our powerful digital community has a reach of 8k and has been nurtured for 10+ years.


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We are the best choice for all your DJ needs. We provide an

unforgettable experience with our high-quality music and

professional service, ensuring that you are satisfied every step of the way!


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We offer creative public relations services that will help

build trust, gain exposure & achieve goals! From crafting a compelling story to sharing it

effectively--and getting your event shared on TV or in newspapers!