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My Goals, Vision & Commitment

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Media Personality, Author,

Educator, Life Coach, Speaker,

and Award Winning Entrepreneur.


I help Kings and Queens live out their purpose, reclaim their throne through Coaching, Workshops, Events, Webinars and Public Speaking.

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A Queen's Life Work Book

A Queen's Life Work Book


Secure The Brand

Make your passion your paycheck. Learn how to turn your idea into a business. Find what you love and monetize it. I'll share 10 ways you can secure your brand and steps you need to talk to start your business

Ms. Ebony J

Helping Kings and Queens reclaim their throne through Coaching, Webinars, Events, and Motivational Speaking. 

Email: mej@ebonyjshow.com

Social Media: @MsEbonyJ

On The Radio: 7-9pm on Friday, 11am-3pm on Sunday 100.3 RNBcincy